History Of Black Travel

Created by the Black Travel Alliance & Tourism RESET

Learn about the pioneers, influencers, and History of Black Travel, including major migration movements and leisure travel developments. Also, major judicial and legislative events as well as cultural and historical events that have inspired Black travel.

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Sep 2020
Jun 2020
Black Travel Alliance

United States – Black Travel Alliance

Black Travel Alliance formed in the United States   Black.. Read More...

Jan 2019
Ghana - Year of Return

Ghana – 2019 declared the Year of Return

Year of Return, Ghana 2019   In 2019, Ghanian President.. Read More...

Apr 2018
eji memorial

United States – Equal Justice Initiative Launched

Equal Justice Initiative Opens In Montgomery, Alabama   The Equal.. Read More...

Jan 1965

United States – Captain Marlon Green becomes first Black pilot hired by a major airline

First Black Commercial Airline Pilot   Captain Marlon Green becomes.. Read More...

Jan 1863

United States – Emancipation Proclamation Issued

Emancipation Proclamation Issued   President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation.. Read More...

Aug 1833
1833 Slavery abolition Britain

United Kingdom – Passage of the Slavery Abolition Act

Passage of the Slavery Abolition Act   This act abolished.. Read More...

Jan 1791

Saint-Domingue – The Haitian Revolution

The Haitian Revolution   A successful insurrection by self-liberated slaves.. Read More...

Jan 1526

Turtle Island Revolt

Turtle Island Revolt   The first joint effort between enslaved.. Read More...

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