Black Travel Alliance - Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy Second Birthday Black Travel Alliance


What a ride it has been!

When 18 Black travel professionals created this organization we had no idea we’d be where we are today!

Although it hasn’t been easy, we’ve worked hard to ensure you, our best gift, have all the tools and resources you need to be successful in the travel industry.

We are so grateful for you! We are TWO legit to quit, and we’re just getting started!!!


We invite you to look back with us on the strides the organization has made over the last year.

1. History Of Black Travel

History Of Black Travel

Black people have been traveling the globe for exploration and leisure for centuries. Yet, most people are unfamiliar with the early explorers and groundbreakers. This is due to the lack of documentation and written records of these major milestone events. Consequently, most stories about Black people traveling to explore or for leisure were passed down primarily through word of mouth or oral histories for generations.

Even with documented evidence, many of these stories have been left out of history books and museums. Thus, the History Of Black Travel was created by the Black Travel Alliance in partnership with Tourism RESET to uncover, amplify and educate the public about Black travel explorers and groundbreakers, major migration movements, and leisure travel developments of the African diaspora globally.

2. Black Travel Organizations Grants & Black Travel Content Creator Grants

Black Travel Content Creator Grant Winners

Following on from the sale of the Black Traveler Study report, we were able to fund grants for Black travel organizations and Black content creators in the amount of $70,000!

Since joining the Black Travel Alliance, I’ve received a Black Travel Content Creator grant and a free year’s Creator membership to Wanderful. As someone with a smaller audience, receiving the grant made me feel validated as a creator and encouraged me to keep working towards growth. BTA has allowed me to discover other Black and woman content creators who I can connect with and be inspired by.

3. Wavelength

Wavelength 2

Our signature networking event connects Black travel content creators directly with destination management organizations and travel brands.

I attended Wavelength in 2021 to get connected with Black travel writers specifically and have them visit Columbia, S.C. I am an African American and have been working on the tourism industry for 4 ½ years. 

I am also a native South Carolinian and have lived here most of my life. I know firsthand that there is an experience in Columbia SC that would appeal to Black travelers. After Wavelength, I literally had said yes to over 20 content creators. Everyone I met was absolutely phenomenal. I came down off of the high of attending the event and looked at my budget. I was unable to bring 20 writers in, of course, but I brought in three (Outdoorsy Diva, The Traveling Twin Mama, and The Spring Break Family) and they were fantastic. 


Thank you for all you do, especially the BTA Wavelength. Through these conferences I have received partnerships with:

-Sarasota, FL

-Waco, Tx

-Columbia, SC

I’m in conversations with:

-Janesville, WI

-San Juan Islands

4. Continuous Development

Ongoing educational efforts to elevate Black voices and content creators within the travel space:

We also aired a State of the Travel Industry webinar.

I’ve seen tremendous growth in my blog traffic after taking Tomiko Harvey’s SEO course. The way she broke the subject down helped me to better digest the ins and outs of SEO.  More than anything her class stressed that if you’re not doing the research before you write, you’re not answering a question that readers are looking for which will essentially make your blog a personal diary.

5. Partnerships and Campaigns

We’ve had several campaigns and conference discounts and full membership offers with our partners including the following:

  • Black Travel Summit
  • Hilton Hotels
  • TBEX
  • Timeout
  • Traverse Events
  • Wanderful

6. Consultations

We’ve consulted with Destination Cleveland on their Racial Equity project.

7. Job Opportunities

We’ve had several job opportunities targeting our members. Thank you for believing in us and our members. Opportunities can be posted here.

8. Awards & Recognition

We’ve been honored to receive recognition for our work:

9. Advisory Board

We were able to appoint our first Advisory Board. These seven people will help us to shape the organization going forward. The Advisory Board brings together some of the most accomplished leaders in the tourism, media, and non-profit spaces, collectively offering expertise and a unique understanding of advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the travel industry. They will serve on the board until 31st December 2022.

10. Donations

We are a non-profit organization and your donations have helped us to continue to support our members. Thank you! We look forward to your continued support.

Today we want to say thank you – to our hardworking co-founders for the countless hours dedicated to this cause, and to the brands, allies, and community members who continue to support the work we do. We’ve been traveling a long road, and we are by no means at the pinnacle. This is why the work goes on. And so continue, we must.

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