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One of the three pillars of Black Travel Alliance is to amplify the voices of Black content creators. In line with that, we would like to request photos of Black travelers taken by content creators in the Black Travel Alliance community. These photos will be used on our website(s) as another avenue to showcase the diversity and talent of our Black content creators.

Note: If your photo contains anyone identifiable in the image, then a model release is required from everyone pictured in order for us to accept and use the photo. You may email the model release for each person or use this form to submit a link to the release. You can find sample model releases here.

Photo Submission
Instructions on how to get image URL on Wordpress, Dropbox, and Flickr.
Permissions *
Add a name and a link to the PDF Model Release document for that person. Add a link for each person that is identifiable in the photo. You can find Model Release forms at You may also email the form to
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