KPIs Reported By Travel Brands

In our press release dated June 16, 2020, we mentioned that we are launching the Black Travel Scorecard to evaluate destinations management organizations and travel brands on not just what they say, but also what they do. The Alliance is collecting Key Performance Indices (KPIs) in these five major areas:

  • Employment – Current number and percentage of Black people in management and on staff
  • Conferences & Tradeshows – Black representation (number and percentage) on speaker panels, workshops, sessions, etc. in 2019
  • Paid Advertising/Marketing Campaigns – Black representation (number and percentage) in TV, radio, print and digital channels including social media in 2019
  • Press – Black representation (number and percentage) on media/press trips in 2019
  • Philanthropy – Charitable contributions and support (i.e. mentorship and intern programs, etc.) to Black charities and community groups

On October 13, 2020, we have released the findings via a summary and full report. You can read the press release here.

#Pullupfortravel Campaign Report

Here are the brands that responded to our campaign.

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