Happy Birthday Black Travel Alliance

Happy First Birthday Black Travel Alliance


Black Travel Alliance burst onto the scene and officially launched the #PullUpForTravel initiative one year ago today. It was a nod to the power of collective minds coming together for change. Ours was a call to action for meaningful representation of Black people in key areas including employment, conferences and media campaigns. On this first anniversary, we invite you to look back with us on the strides the organization has made since launching a year ago.

1. #PullUpForTravel Scorecard

#Pullupfortravel Campaign Report

A #PullUpForTravel Scorecard initiative that encouraged travel brands and destinations to share the inclusion of Black employees, content creators, and more. Since the Scorecard initiative was complete, the Black Travel Alliance has seen an increase in travel and hospitality brands making an effort to increase the representation of Black people in their marketing and employment, as well as share more Black stories.

2. Black Traveler Study

MMGY The Black Traveler study in partnership with the Black Travel Alliance.
MMGY The Black Traveler study in partnership with the Black Travel Alliance.

A Black Traveler Study that uncovered groundbreaking data in the travel space, including the finding that Black travelers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom/Ireland, France and Germany spent a staggering $160 billion on leisure travel in 2019. The business case for better representation cannot be overemphasized. Following on from the sale of the report, over $100,000 has been raised to fund grants for Black travel organizations and Black content creators – look out for the grantee announcement soon!

3. Wavelength

WAVELENGTH NETWORKING Event For Content Creators

Two signature networking events connecting Black travel content creators directly with destination management organizations and travel brands.

4. Continuous Development

Ongoing educational efforts to elevate Black voices and content creators within the travel space, with free webinars and sessions focused on pitching, branding, upskilling, and website development for content creators, as well as a jobs board highlighting opportunities for Black travel professionals.

5. Awards & Recognition

Along the way, we’ve been honored to receive recognition for the work of the Black Travel Alliance including The Travel + Leisure Global Vision Award, a Bessie Award by Wanderful and the National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals Chairman Award


Today we want to say thank you – to our hardworking co-founders for the countless hours dedicated to this cause, and to the brands, allies, and community members who continue to support the work we do. We’ve been traveling a long road, and we are by no means at the pinnacle. This is why the work goes on. And so continue, we must.

Black Travel Alliance Launches Second Black Travel Scorecard

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