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Patricia is a boomer travel writer based in Atlanta, GA. She’s retired from her careers as a journalist and minority business development specialist, and community organizer. Now she happily writes about multigenerational, solo, and best-value travel.

What Inspired You To Help Launch BTA? What Is Your Ultimate Goal For The Organization

Black travelers bring a richness of experience and perspective to the travel space. They want to see those perspectives in their publications and Black travel writers and content creators can, and should, be producing that content, unencumbered. I am working to make that happen.

When I’m Not Fighting For The Cause, Things I Like To Do Are

I delve into my family history. Genealogy can be daunting for descendants of enslaved Africans but it is getting better, thanks to technology.

My Favorite Food/Drink I’ve Had and In Which Country

I happened upon a dish called Fried Crab when I was in Thailand. Omg! I ate every chance I got. Stateside, it’s pistachio ice cream for me!

Currently Reading or Listening To Right Now

My relaxation go-to is watching old movies on the Turner Classic Movies channel.

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