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That Couple Who Travels –


I’m a proud Ohioan! But I now live outside of NYC with my husband. Our blog focuses on couple’s travel where we aim to give couples the information they need to create unforgettable memories around the world. Obviously, I LOVE to travel and I’ve been an ex-pat in London and South Korea. (Itching to do it again) I’ve worked in B2B Consultative Sales for nine years; helping countless companies use technology to achieve their goals.

What Inspired You To Help Launch BTA? What Is Your Ultimate Goal For The Organization

I believe that representation matters. I believe that when positive Black narratives and stories are shared in the media, our experience will exponentially improve in all facets of life. This is true across the board, but given my love of travel, it was a natural place for me to focus.
My goal for BTA is for us to support one another (Unity is powerful) and to increase the representation of Black people in the travel space.

When I’m Not Fighting For The Cause, Things I Like To Do Are

Ha, I guess you already know that I love to travel. Besides that, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, indoor cycling, journaling, and connecting the dots/motivating others to be the best version of themselves.

My Favorite Food/Drink I’ve Had and In Which Country

Sticky rice and Mango in Thailand.

Currently Reading or Listening To Right Now

Right now I am listening to anything I can find featuring “Rich and Regular”, a couple who reached financial independence and retired early. I just finished reading “Atomic Habits” and I’m working my way through “It Didn’t Start with You. How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to Overcome It”.

Organization or Charity Supported

Transformation Church with Pastor Mike Todd. This church is honest, open, and transparent. They give an incredible amount of money to organizations doing great things and people in need.

Three Things You Cannot Live Without:

My loved ones
My passport
My Journal

Black Travel Alliance Launches Second Black Travel Scorecard

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