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Kerwin McKenzie –


I currently “live” in Houston, TX. I’m originally from Jamaica. I worked in the airline industry from 1994 to 2011 and love every second of it. I’ve visited 125 countries/territories and flown on 180 airlines. Today, I help airline employees, their families and friends manage their airline flight benefits. In addition, I help travelers like yourself with understanding and managing travel loyalty programs.

What Inspired You To Help Launch BTA? What Is Your Ultimate Goal For The Organization

Just want to help Black content creators get recognized for the work they do and are capable of doing. Also, I’d like travel brands to realize that we are very talented and to stop overlooking us.

I would like Black Travel Alliance to be a resource for content creators as well as travel brands. We are here to help both sides of the equation.

When I’m Not Fighting For The Cause, Things I Like To Do Are

I’m an aviation geek, so I enjoy plane spotting. If you hear/see an airplane flying overhead, you can use the FlightRadar24 App/website to identify it. As a young boy growing up, I used to go to the airport just to watch planes. I still do.

My Favorite Food/Drink I’ve Had and In Which Country

Nothing like Jamaican food; stew peas and rice all the way.

Currently Reading or Listening To Right Now

Nothing special Stephan Spencer; he’s the SEO guru –

Organization or Charity Supported

I’m part of Angel Flytze (; along with four of my friends, we help people who need help with medical transportation.

Three Things You Cannot Live Without:

My mobile phone
My computer
My values

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