KPIs Reported By Travel Brands

In our press release dated June 16, 2020, we mentioned that we are launching the Black Travel Scorecard to evaluate destination management organizations and travel brands on not just what they say, but also what they do.

On October 13, 2020, we present the summary and full reports.

The Alliance collected KPIs in these five major areas:

  • Employment – Current number and percentage of Black people in management and on staff
  • Conferences & Tradeshows – Black representation (number and percentage) on speaker panels, workshops, sessions, etc. in 2019
  • Paid Advertising/Marketing Campaigns – Black representation (number and percentage) in TV, radio, print and digital channels including social media in 2019
  • Press – Black representation (number and percentage) on media/press trips in 2019
  • Philanthropy – Charitable contributions and support (i.e. mentorship and intern programs, etc.) to Black charities and community groups

You can read the summary and full reports released on October 13th, 2020 here.

Below is the detailed information that we received.


Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Spirit has not reported any KPIs. In a Direct Message response on social media They refered to their existing commitment of pledging $250,000 in flights in promoting civil and human rights.

Spirit has not reported any KPIs. In a Direct Message response on social media They refered to their existing commitment of pledging $250,000 in flights in promoting civil and human rights.

From Instagram: George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many more. Black lives matter.
Many civic organizations are working tirelessly to promote civil and human rights. Today, we’re pledging $250,000 in flights to assist their efforts to address these issues.
We will continue to take this time to listen to our communities and Spirit Family and to support each other. Social change is a process to which we can all contribute. Together, we’ll learn what more we can do to drive meaningful and long-lasting impact.

Conferences/Travel Communities



TBEX and its team supports Black Travel Alliance.

TBEX and its team supports the Black Travel Alliance in their mission against racism and we support diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life, not just the travel community.

As a leader in the travel industry, TBEX has been focusing on diversity and Inclusion since 2012 and we will continue to INTENTIONALLY seek out Black speakers including keynote speakers.

TBEX makes a promise to do more to reach African American content creators as attendees, include imagery in our marketing material, and share Black travel stories on our platforms.

Here are the next steps TBEX will take immediately to show support to the Black Alliance Travel:

1. TBEX will donate 10 tickets to TBEX to a Black Travel Creators who would not otherwise be able to attend. 

2. Continue to ensure we have Black speakers at all of our conferences and shine the spotlight on African American content creators.

3. While we have not tracked attendees by racial background in the past, we have visibly noticed an increase in Black Travel Creators since 2017. We will begin tracking this data this year. We will continue our efforts to reach out and bring more Black Travel Creators to TBEX and we will share the results of our efforts.

4. We are committed to transparency by ensuring diversity and inclusion metrics are being built into our performance assessment.  We are Intentional about how we select speakers for TBEX.

Travel Massive



Wanderful stands in alliance with Black Travel Alliance.

Wanderful stands in alliance with Black Travel Alliance, which is calling travel brands and destinations to take the support of #BlackOutTuesday beyond social media and work towards meaningful representation of Black voices in the travel industry. ⁣

⁣Here’s how we fit: ⁣

💼Employment – 25% of our team identifies as Black⁣

🤝Conferences & Tradeshows – Our last WITS North America hosted 31% Black and 43% POC speakers.⁣

📢Paid Advertising/Marketing Campaigns + Press: Diversity is a key part of our visual marketing and we have worked with many destination partners to further diversify the people they work with and invite on press trips. We are also working on toolkits to help other creators challenge the industry, as well as an event to help us all discuss how we can do better.⁣

💰Philanthropy – As a small business that was hit hard by COVID-19, we don’t have a lot of cash to spare, but we have made $100 donations on behalf of each of our team members to the pro-Black cause of their choice. We hope to make causes like this a more regular part of the Wanderful team experience.⁣

There’s still so much more to do, but for us this is a start.⁣

#PullUpForTravel #BlackTravelAlliance #travel #travelindustry

Women's Travel Fest
Women Travel Fest

Women’s TravelFest

We stand with you.

Destination Management Organizations (DMOs)

Bermuda Tourism Authority

Bermuda Tourism Authority

We respect and acknowledge the important spotlight The Black Travel Alliance is shining on the travel industry.

Bermuda Tourism Authority pulled up in their IG stories.

90% Black team members.
40% Black Senior Managers.
66% Black board members.
55% Black speakers at their annual Tourism Summit.

55% Black representation in their top-five ads served in 2019.
48% Black representation featured in 2020 Spring Visitors Guide.

67% of 2019 grants went to Black applicants.

Cincinnati USA CVB

Cincinnati USA CVB

We acknowledge the work that lies ahead of us as a CVB, as a broader regional destination and as individuals. We strive for continuous improvement.

We are the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Regional Tourism Network, and Cincinnati Experience. Our three organizations work together to market the Cincinnati region as a travel destination.

Together, we know all too well the economic impact and positive interactions from Black travelers, whether through the annual Cincinnati Music Festival, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, hosting the National Association of Black Journalists, and countless other events Cincinnati has hosted over the years.

That’s why our CVB has made a strategic commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. We acknowledge the work that lies ahead of us as a CVB, as a broader regional destination and as individuals. We strive for continuous improvement.

We look forward to working with Black Travel Alliance as we strive to create a sense of belonging in the Cincinnati region for every visitor, no matter ethnicity, nationality, or economic status.

The 4 KPIs can all be seen at

Explore Minnesota
Explore Minnesota

Explore Minnesota

We support the work you’re doing to end systemic racism.

Explore Minnesota’s mission is to welcome and invite all travelers and residents to safely explore our beautiful state.

Working together, we can and must make Minnesota a safe place for everyone – all races, all cultures and all people – who live in, work in and visit our state.

Explore Minnesota has committed to working with more Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC) as we develop our content, marketing and partnerships. We will continue to listen and educate ourselves in order to better understand the needs of our diverse visitors and residents as they travel throughout our state. 

We’re gathering the information you’ve requested but unfortunately, there are numerous team members out of the office this week who hold some of the data we need. We apologize for not being able to meet the initial deadline, but we will send you the information as early as possible next week when they return.

Memphis Travel

Memphis Travel

Memphis Tourism is committed to doing our part to create change in the industry, and hope that our industry partners will do the same.

We believe everyone deserves to feel safe and at home wherever they go. But the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and countless others present a more painful reality.

Read the full statement.

Rockford CVB
Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Our agency is excited to join the Black Travel Alliance in building a more equitable travel industry.

We know that we indeed have work to do and have been diligently working to create a more inclusive environment for our region surrounding the five major KPIs. Below is a summary of reportable areas as outlined on 

Before providing details related to the five KPIs it is important to state that we have incorporated a leadership approved strategy to hear our black community. As many organizations have made a statement around the recent events our approach is to move beyond a statement and to incorporate accountability measures. With this in mind, below are our strategy steps to develop our plan to create a welcoming region that respects, includes, and celebrates diversity.

Our Steps in Welcoming Diversity

Listen. Become better listeners of our community members and the industries we serve to understand how we can support and create a more welcoming region. This will be accomplished by a task force representative of our minority community representing industries we serve and community members.

Plan. Develop a plan and/or incorporate feedback into current plans as actionable steps with associated timelines. This plan will be developed from feedback of the task force.

Engage. Engagement is not a one-time investment. We plan to continue engagement with groups and individuals in our black community to ensure the channels of communication remain open and our advocacy meets the needs beyond the recent events that have occurred.  This will help us to ensure we remain agile to the needs of our minority community. 

Commit. We will make a commitment beyond our verbal promise to do so. The established plan to better serve and welcome our minority community will become a part of our board’s monitoring reports thus creating accountability.

Five Major KPIs


 TotalBlack % Black
Board of Directors2114.76%

Conferences & Tradeshows

Although we do not directly manage conferences and tradeshows, we view this KPI as an opportunity moving forward to commit to better engagement in increasing our sales approaches to conference/tradeshow organizers that practice intentionality behind black representation on speaker panels, workshops, and sessions.

Paid Advertising/Marketing Campaigns

This KPI has been eye opening for our organization. Although we are intentional about inclusivity in our advertising, we have not measured this. We commit to do so moving forward to assist us in accountability. 


In 2019 we attended one major press related trip as coordinated DCI located in New York city. For this press trip Martesha Brown (Director of Advancement) was the representative for our organization. She is African American and the first at a Directors level for our organization. There was no documentation of black media representation during this trip, however we feel the African American community was not well represented within the media personnel in which we engaged.


Within the past year the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau has increased intentionality in making charitable contributions to black charities and community groups. This is best showcased through our support of Rockford’s Juneteenth Celebration, NAACP, and SOAR Radio Gospel Radio Awards/Station. This will become a trackable measurement moving forward for accountability.

Again, we thank you for the establishment of the Black Travel Alliance and the invitation to join. We are open to feedback suggestions and look forward to becoming a better advocate for black travel.

Tempe Arizona Tourism

Tempe Arizona Tourism

Black Travel Matters

Travel Portland

Travel Portland

@theblacktravelalliance recently launched a Black Travel Scorecard to evaluate travel brands on not just what they say, but also what they do. They asked travel brands to publicly communicate their metrics in five key areas.

We’ve provided the most accurate representations we can from internal audits based on the metrics we monitor. We don’t have the data to answer every question posed by the Black Travel Alliance, and we know that we can do more. Travel Portland is firmly committed to working toward substantive change for Black people. We will continue to strive to do better, and we’ll be transparent about our organizational efforts.

We encourage you to use the link in our bio to visit our website, where you can find more context about our answers and our ongoing efforts to represent Black voices in Portland. We look forward to being part of the larger conversation about how our industry can do better.

Explore Asheville
Visit Asheville

Visit Asheville

We accept this call to action for meaningful change and acknowledge that we have important work to do.

Greetings from Asheville.

Thank you to the Black Travel Alliance for calling upon our organization and our industry to join you in this vital analysis. We take this call to action and the long-term responsibility for meaningful change very seriously. We posted today via @VisitAsheville on social.

The full response is located here:

We have a lot of work to do and welcome your feedback and ideas. I hope we can stay connected moving forward.

Visit Jackson MS

Visit Jackson MS

The Black Travel Alliance Calls For Diversity In Travel

The Black Travel Alliance, a newly formed group of Black Travel Content Creators, is calling on destination management organizations (DMOs) like Visit Jackson to take #BlackOutTuesday support beyond social media and work toward meaningful representation of Black voices in the travel industry.

More than a mere black square on social media, the alliance believes sharing data points in several key areas will demonstrate true allyship, and that these areas are key towards ending the systemic lack of diversity in the travel industry.

To that end, Visit Jackson is proud to report metrics in four key areas:

Employment – Current number and percentage of Black management: 4 of 7 – 57%; Total percentage of Black employees: 14 of 23 – 61%.

Conferences & Tradeshows – Black representation in number and percentage on speaker panels, workshops, and in sessions in 2019 (first-ever Mayor’s Conference on Tourism): 6 of 15 – 40%

Paid Advertising/Marketing Campaigns – Black representation as a percentage in TV, radio, print and digital channels including social media in 2019: Marketing Campaigns – 51%

Press and FAM representation: in number and percentage – 38 of 49 – 78%

Visit Oakland

Visit Oakland

The opportunity to #PullUpForTravel has given us the space to revisit our many accomplishments on behalf of Oakland’s Black community, and has also enlightened us to ways we can grow into an even more equitable future for the travel industry.

Employment – Current number and percentage of Black people in management and on staff 

  • 12 total staff 
  • 2 black people (17%), 1 in management role
  • 9 POC (75%)
  • 8 Women (67%)
  • 1 LGBTQ+ 

Conferences & Tradeshows – Black representation (number and percentage) on speaker panels, workshops, sessions, etc. in 2019

  • Conferences and Tradeshows
    • March 2019: Visit Oakland sponsored local Back and gay restaurant owner Derreck Johnson to introduce American politician Stacey Abrams at Connect Diversity, Birmingham Alabama.
    • November 2019: Visit Oakland Sponsored Martinique Lewis to present her panel “Bridging the Gap: How to Connect With Inclusive Communities Online Using Influencer Marketing” at WTM   
  • Visit Oakland Partner Trainings in 2019:
    • Influencer PR Training (2 speakers: 1 black, 1 other POC)
    • Airbnb Experiences Panel (4 panelists: 2 black, 2 other POC) 

Paid Advertising/Marketing Campaigns – Black representation (number and percentage) in TV, radio, print and digital channels including social media in 2019 

**For Print, we tried to be as comprehensive as possible and included all major publications. Please note, this does not include every printed material. We continue to hold ourselves to this standard of black & POC representation in 2020 on all social media platforms. 


Visitor Guide (print & digital) – 76 total pages, 40 images with people as main subject  

  • 17 (42.5%) include black people, 18 (45%) include other POC  

LGBTQ Guide (print & digital) – 16 pages total, 18 images with people as main subject

  • 9 (50%) include black people, 2 (11.1%) include other POC  

Meeting Planner Guide (print & digital) – 16 pages total, 10 images with people 

  • 4 (40%) include black people, 5 (50%) include other POC  

Travel Trade Brochure (print & digital) – 12 pages total, 10 images with people as main subject

  • 5 (50%) include black people,  5 (50%) include other POC  


Black blog posts shared in 2020 (new)

Black blog posts shared in 2019: 6 (16%) of 37 blogs

Examples of other POC & inclusive website content

o    Full blog list available here:   


Instagram: 67 IG posts in 2019, 48 included people as the subject

  • 37 (55%) included black people
  • 23 (34%) included other POC  

YouTube: 8 leisure & 2 meetings/groups videos produced in 2019

  • All 10 videos (100%) included black and other POC 
  1. Press – Black representation (number and percentage) on media/press trips in 2019 

45 Press trips total, 7 Black journalists/influencers (15%) 

  1. Philanthropy – Charitable contributions and support (i.e. mentorship and intern programs, etc.) to Black charities and community groups 

 Black Community Partnerships

  • Annual partnership & booth at Black Joy Parade   

·         2020 Partnership with & documented ‘Inside the Black Panther Archives: An Evening with Fredrika Newton

  • Booth at Black Cowboy Parade  


  • Community Service policy & requirements to engage in Oakland nonprofits  

Youth Development

  • Visitor Center hospitality experience
  • Partnerships with OUSD creative service students: photography, music, journalism/writing   
Visit Virginia

Visit Virginia

Visit Virginia has a Black President & CEO.

In addition, there are six (35%) Black community and tourism industry leaders serving on VTC’s Board of Directors.

Also, 40% Black representation in campaign deliverables, 50% representation in banner ads, 50% in print ads, 33.33% in commercials, 14% influencer representation, 60% on a VTC sponsored and produced podcast and 5% representation on media/press trips.




Fighting Discrimination and Making Airbnb More Diverse.

Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. Discrimination and bias directly contravene our mission. While we have taken a number of steps over the last five years to address discrimination in our community and further diversify our company and community, we have yet to meet the high standards we set for ourselves.

Marriott International


We Stand Against Racism.

We believe everyone deserves to feel safe and at home wherever they go. But the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and countless others present a more painful reality.

For years, we have strived to welcome people regardless of what they look like, where they come from, what their abilities are or who they love.

Marriott International believes Black Lives Matter.

So, we stand in solidarity for change.

1) We will build upon our 93-year history of putting people first by elevating the conversation on racism internally with town halls to make sure we continue to listen to our associates and use their perspectives to map our plans and actions.
2) We will expand our Emerging Leader Program to bring an even sharper focus to the career development needs of our Black associates.
3) We will continue to provide financial support to our partners in the Black community, organizations we have been working with for decades – like the NAACP and National Urban League and others, to help them pursue the mission of equality and social justice, while also engaging with them for advice as we continue to drive progress within Marriott.
4) We will work to provide an opportunity for our Marriott Bonvoy members to donate points to organizations focused on advancing racial equality and social justice – donations that we will match to these important organizations.
5) We call on federal leadership to act with urgency and we will advance Marriott’s policy agenda to advocate for solutions to address barriers to equality and opportunity.

We pride ourselves on serving others. And to do that now, we must push for real change.

Read more about what we will be doing moving forward:

Travel Arrangers

Go Overseas

Go Overseas

We support the @theblacktravelalliance and their vision “to create a world where Black people are supported and accurately represented in the travel industry.”

We are compelled to respond to Black Travel Alliance’s invitation for the travel industry to #pullupfortravel this #Juneteenth.

At Go Overseas, there is work to be done. We are taking this opportunity to acknowledge some of the areas where we need to improve and highlight next steps we will take towards meaningful change.



The Black Travel Alliance has called upon travel brands and destinations to share what actionable steps we’re taking to create a better future for black travel creators in this space.

We’re a small startup and we’ve pulled back a great deal of resources given the current circumstances with travel but that’s no excuse to stay quiet or stop upholding our mission to make travel more accessible. And we don’t plan to. ✨

Here’s what we plan to do moving forward…
⭐️ Implement + Uphold: Our diversity and inclusion policies will not only be implemented amongst our team members (as our company grows) but also our community of hosts and travelers, too. We plan to uphold these policies in a welcome pack that will be distributed to each traveler, host and operator on our values, policies and expectations.
⭐️We Won’t Stay Silent: If we see something, we will say something. That includes providing feedback to our hosts, tour operators and travelers on every trip.
⭐️Uphold Our Mission: To make travel more accessible. As we receive more resources, we plan to provide a sponsored seats to under-represented travelers, including BIPOC for as many trips as we can.
⭐️ Amplify Voices: We’re committed to bringing visibility to black-owned travel businesses, hosts and attractions. We plan to update our existing content and content moving forward across all of our channels to feature Black-owned travel businesses, travelers, creators and leaders.
⭐️ Grow Our Network: We will direct our recruitment efforts to bring on Black team members, hosts and tour operators as our community continues to grow. We will also partner with Black-owned businesses on every trip from restaurant owners, to Black-owned businesses leading excursions, shuttles services and more.

We have a lot of work to do and we may not get it right the first time but we’re committed to making these changes and we welcome suggestions and feedback.

You can find a Black Ally resources doc in our bio on how to continue to share, support BIPOC. We’ve also included a blog post from our co-founder Jess – 5 civil rights sites to visit in Alabama and what it was like growing up in the state.

Head to the link in our bio

Travel Gear



As a brand we take pride in being transparent.

When some of you requested for us to participate in the #pulluporshutup movement, we immediately went to our team.  Some of us struggled with categorizing ourselves, given our multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi–religious backgrounds. We strongly believe, that as an organization, our diversity of thought, brought upon by the inclusivity of different backgrounds and perspectives, creates a culture that allows us to both accept and challenge one another.  As a brand and as individuals we are committed to ensuring that we use the momentum of today to continue to drive change and end systematic racial injustice.

eagle creek
eagle creek

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek and its employees stand against racism and support all who seek racial justice and equality. Black Lives Matter.

As a purpose-led company, we work to “Unlock the Wonders of Humanity and the Planet” through travel. That statement is intended to include all people, but we know we can do more to include the images, voices and perspectives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the pursuit of sharing a love for travel, adventure and the outdoors. Here are a few steps we’ll take immediately to accelerate change within our organization:

1. Eagle Creek will donate and partner with Environmental Learning for Kids (@elk_kids) and @OutdoorAfro to help connect underserved youth and BIPOC to outdoor adventure.

2. Forge paid partnerships with African American adventure travel influencers and leverage our platform to inspire others in the community.

3. Recruit and build a more diverse talent pool. Eagle Creek currently has 18% representation of BIPOC on our leadership team. We’ll raise that to 25% by 2025.

4. We have formed an internal Diversity and Inclusion task force to help guide these efforts and to keep us accountable. Travel and the outdoors shouldn’t be a privilege for any one group of people, but accessible and experienced by all. We will do all we can to make that vision a reality.

sky roam


We are pleased to be a part of the movement.

Our top 4 commitments:

1. Charitable Work with Minority Communities – For the past 2 years, we have worked with organizations in Haiti and in Columbia to donate WiFi hotspots and data to minority communities in need of connectivity. We will commit to continuing these programs and the focus on minority communities around the world.

2, Participate in 1 Diversity conference event each year – there are a lot of diversity conferences across the spectrum of Travel, Tech, and Recruiting, and we commit to finding a way to engage with one of these organizations and their audience either through sponsorship, speaking engagement, or having team members attend to learn, grow, and network

3. Dedicate a Percent of our Marketing budget to Diverse Content – we will actively allocate a percent of our creative marketing budget to hiring diverse content creators to deliver meaningful new content featuring diverse talent

4. Achieve an Equal Ratio of Representation across our social media – we want to ensure that our online presence reflects the real diversity of our global community of customers and the global travel community as a whole.

Travel Information Providers

Bébé Voyage

Bébé Voyage

We are pulling up for travel

For Transparency: We are a global team. Currently, out of our 19 volunteers that run the organization, we have 16 white, 2 Asian, 1 Latina team, and 0 Black admin, support, and editorial team members. We have 16 female-identifying and 3 male-identifying team members. We have a goal of increasing Black representation, but we want to be mindful that this is a volunteer organization and want to ensure there’s a true benefit to whomever we ask to join our team.

We are willing and ready to have our feet held to the fire!

CET Academic Programs

CET Academic Programs

On this Juneteenth, we support the Black Travel Alliance and respond to their call to #PullUpforTravel.

This Juneteenth, we’re answering the Black Travel Alliance’s call for brands to #PullUpForTravel and shine a light on Black representation in the travel industry. ⁠

We’ve evaluated ourselves and are sharing the data transparently as part of our ongoing commitment to confront systemic racism in our own work. ⁠

If you’d like to learn more, you can find the details on our parent company’s (Academic Travel Abroad) website.

Getaway Girl

Getaway Girl

Today I humbly come to you with my plan of action for the next two months to make Getaway Girl more inclusive of Black eco-travelers, support Black Lives Matter, and simply be a better human.

I’m not perfect. This plan isn’t perfect. I have a lot of work. Things will change, always with the goal to be better and do better in mind.
To my Black followers (and all POC followers)- You’re exhausted and I hope I can free up even the tiniest bit of mental space for you through these actions. I’m educating myself as much as possible without further burdening on your mental energy.

But, if you ever want to suggest an improvement for me or call me out on something, my DMs are open for you.
To my White followers- I encourage you to try some of these things too! Once I post my Code of Conduct for Travel, I hope you incorporate some or all of the aspects into your travels. Let’s be on this journey to better travel together! Also, follow @theblacktravelalliance if you’re an ally in the travel industry to know which travel brands are stepping up. Great organization by great people making moves and shaking things up. Show them support!

I want to hear from you!

Do you have any Black eco travelers you want me to feature on Getaway Girl? If you are a Black eco traveler, feel free to comment below! • Do you have an awesome non profit in mind that’s fighting environmental racism? I have a few in mind but am open to more suggestions.

As I said in the carousel, I want to form a long-term financial relationship with 1-2 nonprofits focusing specifically on combatting environmental racism. Hopefully it becomes something I can get involved with beyond financial support!
• Any travel brands you’re saying “heck yes” or “heck no” to because of how they’ve stepped up (or haven’t)? • Anything Else?
Sending love and peace to you 💚

Her Bags Were Packed

Her Bags Were Packed

Her Bags Were Packed is ready to #PullUpForTravel.

Last week I learned about Black Travel Alliance. They are calling for travel businesses to #PullUpForTravel by taking their support of the Black Lives Matter movement & putting it to “work toward meaningful representation of Black voices in the travel industry.” Readers who are not entrenched in the travel industry, may not realize there is little Black representation in the leadership teams & staff of larger travel companies.

There is also limited representation on press trips (these are trips that destinations invite travel writers on) & in marketing campaigns. I have also heard on multiple occasions from colleagues in the travel writing industry that there are ongoing issues with sexism & racism in the offices of many major travel publications.

Impact Travel Alliance

Impact Travel Alliance

Diversity and inclusion have always been important to us, but we can — and will — do better. 

Thank you @theblacktravelalliance for helping us to identify ways to improve. #pullupfortravel

To our community of travelers: We encourage you to follow @theblacktravelalliance, tag your favorite travel brands, and tell them to participate. Consumer demand drives industry innovation! Let’s build a better industry together.

Journey Woman

Journey Woman

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism.

OUR COMMITMENT: We are all overwhelmed with emotion right now. Frustration. Sadness. Fear. Anger. Discomfort. The protests and dialogue happening all over the world are bringing much-needed attention to the systemic issues of racism, privilege and power. To the Black community – we see you. You matter and your lives matter.⠀
I’ve been listening, asking questions, trying to learn. For almost 30 years, JourneyWoman has been a voice of equality and empowerment for women – ground in a belief that we, as women, CAN change our world for the better. Our passion for travel, and our ethos of embracing curiosity to seek, learn and teach others is more than words. It defines who we are and what we believe. It also defines how we ACT. ⠀
Travel is central to our lives. Not only does it teach us about ourselves, but it broadens our perspective on the world. As travellers, we learn tolerance, compassion, empathy, generosity and gratitude. Travel is transformative; It helps us adapt to change, teaches us to be resourceful and resilient. ⠀
JourneyWoman is more than just one person. It is, and has always been, a community. A community of women who believe in equality, in freedom and in human rights. Together, we have the ability to fight racism, speak out against violence and the damage of injustice. This starts with learning and listening. We have the ability to inspire action, optimism and hope and take a first step toward positive action and change. ⠀
We’re starting this journey with a commitment to do better. We’re willing to do the hard work. We’d love to know what you’re committed to and how we can help each other.

Matador Network
Matador Network

Matador Network

We Stand Against Racism.

We believe everyone deserves to feel safe and at home wherever they go. But the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and countless others present a more painful reality.

The work being done by the @theblacktravelalliance has compelled us at Matador Network to look critically at ourselves. The comprehensive, consultant-led audit we are now beginning will demand a commitment of months, if not years, and will force us to confront many uncomfortable truths about this all-too-white industry and our complicity in its perpetuation.

For years, Matador has urged you to travel fearlessly. Our intent with these words was to encourage you to seek out the world’s people and places with an open mind. What they neglect to acknowledge is the reality Black travelers, and travelers belonging to other BIPOC communities, face. To explore the world as a Black individual is to consider deeply how you will be received and perceived. It is a necessity to research how racism may afflict your intended destination, and how it could impact you. Bottom line: The mantra to “travel fearlessly” dismisses the experience of traveling as a Black person.

We embrace the work ahead to get us where we need to be, and we stand in support with all other travelers walking this path. To view our assessments and pledges, please follow the link in our bio.
Thank you @theblacktravelalliance for pushing us all forward and to #PullUpForTravel.

See full statement.

Moon Travel Guides

Moon Travel Guides

Travel is a valuable way to explore culture and expand our horizons. It should be for everyone, but it won’t be until Black Lives Matter.

In conjunction with the Black Travel Alliance’s call for travel companies to volunteer their information, and as part of our own efforts to audit and assess where we’re at with our efforts to diversify our content, here are a few numbers from our marketing and acquisitions teams with regards to Black voices:


Moon is currently working with 3 Black authors (out of approximately 120) and holds a standing contract with 1 Black freelance editor (out of 9).


Paid Influencer Marketing 

2 of the 16 influencers Moon worked with directly in 2019/2020 are Black.

In 2019/2020 Moon’s marketing team also contracted with an outside agency (Mediavine) to connect us with travel influencers. None of the 21 influencers we contracted through Mediavine were BIPOC.

Paid Advertising

Our trade advertising in 2019 & 2020 has only used photos of places with no people depicted.

Our consumer advertising was overwhelmingly photos of places, however we are still in the process of auditing this content to assess how many ads featured people.

Trade Shows

We attended four events with our authors. We had 1 Black author out of 9 total authors on stage across these events.



Travel is about exploration. As part of that we aim to connect with people on an equal level, heart to heart, hand to hand.

There are currently no Black team members on the team of 4, but there is 8% Black representation across their social channels.

The Points Guy

The Points Guy

We have a long way to go — as a company and as an industry — and we’re committed to doing better and bringing about real change

Read the full details.

This includes incorporating more diversity and inclusion within TPG and using our influential platform within the travel industry to lead by example.

We commit to holding other companies accountable along the way as well. In the spirit of transparency, we’re participating in the #PullUpOrShutup initiative. We will hold ourselves accountable to not just create a more diverse, responsible company but to lift up Black travelers and their experiences and unique needs all along the way.

We want to be as transparent with you as possible, and that starts with sharing our statistics and our plan to improve them. What you’ll see in these graphics:

1) Where we currently stand,

2) Where we want to see our company in the future,

3) How we’re putting our money where our mouth is and

4) Our commitment to long-term change, even after it’s no longer trending.

We will share progress on how we’re pacing toward these goals every six months to continue to be held accountable.

We are observing Juneteenth as a company-wide holiday to spend more time reflecting on how we can change the face and future of TPG for the better. We have a long way to go, but we will make this happen. Head to the link in our bio for more details on our plan and commitment. #blacktravelalliance #pullupfortravel

Travel Age West/Northstar Travel Group

Travel Age West part of Northstar Travel Group

TravelAge West is a part of a larger organization

Our small team has been actively discussing #antiracism with our parent company’s executive leadership and look forward to real change. Full transparency is the first step.

Triple Passport

Triple Passport

I don’t trust words, I trust actions.

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗔𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 ⁣
We have:⁣
– partnered with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust @s_lawrencetrust as platinum members donating money AND time to the next generation of Black youth⁣
– sent out 10 copies of c 𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩-𝙨𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 book IANYBM by @candicebrathwaite to Black women who at this time don’t have disposal income to spend on hardcover books (it kicked off a bit of a thing as others started doing the same!) ⁣
– mentioned my White privilege in my latest essay where previously I would not have. ⁣
– had very difficult conversations about race with my 5 year old and his job going forward. 3 year old to follow. ⁣
-my #2 is a WOC. ⁣
We will: ⁣
– will feature more Black content on Triplepassport ⁣
– hire Black faces as we expand ⁣
– help get educational resources on race to White families who are struggling to get them ⁣
– as we take interns on, prioritise those from Black applicants. 


Few things celebrate culture and diversity more than travel.

As editors of a travel site, we pledge to share those things with our readers—but we recognize that we haven’t entirely lived up to that promise and are missing out on the essential diverse perspectives that inform not only how we travel, but how we live.

While we have spoken out against the inequity that our Black readers face in their lives every day, we also owe our readers a concrete plan to make our team and site more inclusive. We are hereby committing to diversifying our team and educating our existing writers and staff on how we can work to make the travel space not just more diverse, but actively anti-racist.

We know the conversation is far from over. To make sure we’re following through on this priority, we’ve outlined our plan of action for the coming months and beyond here. We look forward to being held accountable for these goals.

Read our diversity pledge and promise.



Committed to Action.

Upgraded Points is proud to stand with @theblacktravelalliance and their #PullUpForTravel Campaign.

We’re a team of less than 20 but even as a small business, we feel UP has a voice and a platform that can be used in many ways to fight for change.

You’ll find more details in the slides above and in our formal “Statement of Equality and Dedication to Change” published at

Viajar Verde

Viajar Verde

O Viajar Verde apoia a Black Travel Alliance @theblacktravelalliance , que está convocando marcas e empresas de turismo e destinos a levarem o apoio do #BlackOutTuesday para além das mídias sociais e trabalharem para uma representação significativa das vozes negras no setor de turismo.⠀

Viajar Verde (Green Travel) supports the Black Travel Alliance @theblacktravelalliance, which is calling on travel brands and companies and destinations to take #BlackOutTuesday support beyond social media and work towards a meaningful representation of black voices in the tourism sector. ⠀

Travel Magazines

Travel PR/Marketing Agencies



The travel industry is awfully white. That is a fact that can be seen in the employment numbers of travel brands, in the writers and influencers that are invited on press trips, in the absence of Black and POC in basic marketing materials, and so much more.

We are not a travel brand (per se), but we operate largely in the tourism space, and we have a responsibility to stand with @TheBlackTravelAlliance and strive to do better.⠀

While we do not have final say over the influencers that participate in our marketing campaigns, we certainly have an effect as it is largely from within our network that influencers are chosen from. In the last year, of the 75 influencers that participated in a variety of campaigns we ran, only 5% were Black and 20% were other POC.⠀

In the past few weeks, we have been doing outreach to diversify our influencer network and will continue to do so. We have sent a newsletter to our brand contacts sharing pertinent resources and advising them to expect deeper conversations on choosing more diverse influencers for the campaigns we work on together. We’ve protested, listened to webinars on the topic, read extensively to learn more, and will continue to pursue edification.⠀

We may be small, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference. We can and WILL do better.

roam Travel PR
Roam Travel PR

Roam Travel PR

Thank you to the @theblacktravelalliance for encouraging us to get our #pullupfortravel plan completed, so we could start taking action.

It’s time for less saying, and more doing. 👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 These commitments are our promise to do better.

Special thanks to @marty_sandiego@chubbydiaries__@denishaspeaks and @theblacktravelalliance for taking their time to personally Educate us and develop a plan that was realistic, sustainable and helped us contribute in a meaningful way.

Stay The Night

Stay The Night

The travel industry is being held to account – @theblacktravelalliance are calling on businesses to #PullUpForTravel and publicly provide information on their diversity. ⁣

When we first saw the campaign, we didn’t know if we were ‘big enough’ to take part – but no company is too small to be accountable and diversity matters to us. See below for our stats.⁣
Employment – We are a UK-based team of 4. Currently we are 75% white and 25% NBPOC. 100% female-identifying. We have long been having conversations about how to increase diversity in our company in terms of future hires. Our long-term goal is to build a team that is 50% Black and POC. ⁣
Paid Advertising / Marketing Campaigns – We have always strived to include Black travellers and travellers of colour in our own marketing and in our client’s campaigns. On average, across our clients social media accounts where photos featured a person, 46% were white, 46% were Black and 8% were NBPOC. On our own social media accounts where photos featured a person, 40% were white, 42% were Black and 18% were NBPOC. ⁣
Press – We have ensured that our client press trips and influencer collaborations are diverse. Since we launched in 2018, 38% of travellers on our client press trips were white, 31% were Black and 31% were NBPOC.⁣
Philanthropy – Both our founders are enrolled in a mentorship scheme here in London which works with predominantly Black-owned business start-ups. One of our founders is also part of the @popworksafrica database through which allies are donating time and resources to support Black movement building and Black activists / advocates / organisers.

Going forward, we are also committing to putting our money where our mouths are – each month, we will select a cause to donate to. For June, this will be @naacp.

Turner PR
Turner PR

Turner PR

Black Lives Matter and Institutional Racism Is Real

We are an integrated communications agency with a deep portfolio of travel brands. We’re passionate about travel, but recognize there are systemic issues with racial parity in how Black travel media and content creators are treated. We are committed to being an ally, and are proud to #PullUpForTravel.

Our role in the travel eco-system is largely behind the scenes, and we plan on using this time of unprecedented changes in our industry as an opportunity. As the travel industry rebounds, we will use this moment to act, helping brands create measurable, transparent change.

We’ve outlined some initial action steps, and commit to do more, and do better.

Travel Services

109 World

109 World

Let’s Do This. Let’s Be The Change!

If you swipe left on the post you will see that 109 has still a lot of work to do when it comes to building a more just and inclusive wellness platform for everyone. Yes, we are late to the party, but our eyes are wide open and there is no turning back.

We are working hard to show up in word and deed and we truly appreciate everyone that is holding us accountable. After all, talk is cheap and good intentions alone haven’t brought any change to our world have they? LET’S DO THIS! LET’S BE THE CHANGE! 🖤



The travel industry has a lot of work to do.⁠

They reached out to us via DM on Instagram, as well as, posted on their feed.

If you type “family travel,” “solo travel,” or “honeymoon travel” into Google image search, you will see almost no people of colour represented. This kind of exclusion has never been acceptable and it has to change.

⁠At Flytographer, diversity has always been important to us, but we realize that we still have a lot of work to do. Going forward, we are committed to intentionally increasing visibility and representation for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) travellers so everyone feels included.

As a start:⁠ ⁠

– We are stepping up hiring for a more racially diverse team of photographers, with a particular focus on Black photographers in the next two months. We know from experience that a chorus of global voices makes us stronger.⁠

– We will be ensuring our website, social media and all communications feature more BIPOC travellers and their stories.⁠

We support #blacklivesmatter.⁠

We’ve listed some of the many incredible Black travel bloggers and Black-owned travel businesses to follow on our blog today (and in our IG highlights).

We’ve also made a donation to The NAACP. ⁠

Their team is comprised of 4 employees (Latina, Asian, White), but no Black team members currently.

Pangea Dreams

Pangea Dreams

This is not a trend – this is a lifelong journey and we are committed. #BlackLivesMatter

Pangea Dreams was founded on one simple principle; to use education, community, and empowerment to bring like-minded female creators and entrepreneurs from all over the world together to gain the skills and confidence needed to live the life of their dreams. 

In 2018, we attended a travel conference where speaker Justine Abigail of Living Hyphen said “inclusion isn’t being invited to the party, it’s being asked to dance.” 

This quote stopped us in our tracks and made us take a good hard look at our business and ask ourselves, are we asking BIPOC to dance? 

We realized that our media representation did not match the women that we wanted to see on our retreats and in the Pangea Dreams Sisterhood, so we made an action plan to try and change that the next day. 

This action plan included:

  • Partnering with Black Travel Journey to host a retreat together and spread the message on making the face of travel more diverse and inclusive
  • Hiring Black talent onto the team
  • Bringing on Black creators/entrepreneurs as guest hosts on the retreats
  • Including more diverse and inclusive photos on our social channels, website, and marketing materials with more representation of Black and POC women
  • Actively and strategically reaching out to women of color in the travel space to ask if they’ve heard about our retreats and to invite them to join the Pangea Dreams Sisterhood

2019 KPIs:

  1. 6/11 Pangea Dreams Retreats in 2019 (or 54.5%) included Black women in leadership roles including Trip Leader, Guest Host/Speakers
  2. 18/63 women (or 28.5%) joining us on Pangea Dreams Retreats in 2019 were Black creators, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. 
  3. 1/5 (or 20%) Pangea Dreams team members are Black women.
  4. 5/6 Pangea Dreams 2019 Scholarship Program recipients (or 83%) were Black creators, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. This scholarship program was designed to financially assist women who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a retreat.
  5. 15/23 (or 65%) paid ads in 2019 on Instagram & Facebook featured Black women from the Pangea Dreams Sisterhood. 

We still have a ton of work to do, but we are committed to increasing the representation of Black creators and entrepreneurs not only on our team, but in the Pangea Dreams global Sisterhood & community. Let’s get to work.

Tour Operators

Academic Travel abroad
Academic Travel

Academic Travel

Compiling the data for the following applicable KPIs was an important exercise for us as an organization, and we share it transparently as part of our ongoing commitment to confront systemic racism in our own work.


Current number and percentage of Black people in management and on staff.

  • Staff 6 out of 82 (7%)
  • Managers 3 out of 62 (5%)

Paid Advertising/Marketing Campaigns

Black representation (number and percentage) in TV, radio, print and digital channels including social media in 2019.

  • CET featured Black students and Black student-created content in 36 out of 92 social media posts (39%) from 2017-2020.
  • 1 of 4 Instagram takeovers were hosted by Black students in 2019.
  • CET features 366 photos showcasing students across 40 web pages marketing our study abroad programs. Of the 366 photos, 58 (15.85%) featured Black students.


Charitable contributions and support (i.e. mentorship and intern programs, etc.) to Black charities and community groups.

  • ATA has donated $1.6 million to the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) since its inception in 2010. FEA’s mission is to diversify participation in study abroad by providing scholarships and support to minority, first-generation, and high financial need students.
  • 30% percent of FEA scholars are Black while only 6% of the general study abroad population is Black.

In evaluating this data, we recognize that we have work to do in improving Black representation on our staff, in our management, and in our marketing campaigns. Moving forward, we intend to use these KPIs as a starting baseline for action as we take real steps toward racial equity within our own organization

Cuban Adventures

Cuban Adventures

We stand with Black Travel Alliance.

We stand in alliance with Black Travel Alliance @theblacktravelalliace who is calling travel brands and destinations to take the support of #BlackOutTuesday beyond social media and work towards meaningful representation of Black voices in the travel industry.

Employment – Number of Black people in management & on staff. *Tour leaders 13 and admin 8. 29% of our total staff are black (Seeing that in Cuba only 9.26% of the population are black)

Management :

@kire2884 – Local manager

Anita – social media manager

Ileana – Santiago de Cuba coordinator.

Company Core Values RESPECT This is THE principal value of our set of values, and it comes in many forms and has many ramifications. Put simply, we need to respect others – our fellow team members, our pax, and others in our community.

As human beings we are all different. We need to respect other people despite these differences, and remember that nobody is superior or inferior to anyone else – we are just all different. Differences such as those of: religion, sexual orientation, culture, race, colour, political opinion, appearance, age, ways of learning, and appearance, is what makes the world an interesting and amazing place. So we should celebrate this diversity.

A good starting point is showing respect to others by saying the right things at the right time (being polite). More profound respect is feeling respect for others. This may take some practice.

Detailed Journeys

Detailed Journeys

Black Travel Matters.
Black Representation Matters.
Black Opportunity Matters.

I obtained the LLC for Detailed Journeys as the pandemic struck. Due to my stymied launch, and being a small business, I’m unable to provide data on all the key performance indicators requested (see more about this on BTA’s Instagram & website), but I’ve done my best below, and listed additional information that I felt was important to recognize. It is imperative to me that this business be built on an anti-racist framework.⁣⁣

Also, travel is a privilege – and a mostly a white one at that. The industry is in desperate need of change, but right now my business has been mostly on hold as I focus my time, energy, and attention on efforts at home due to the crucial need for transformative justice, policy-reform, and social change.⁣⁣
𝐄𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐲𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 – I am a one person operation, however as I move forward with contract hires for a website developer, logo designer, and future tour guides I am being conscious of organic, intentional, genuine hiring of Black professionals.⁣⁣
𝐏𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐲 𝐢𝐧 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟎 – Be the Bridge; Minnesota, Columbus, & National Bail Funds; numerous private reparations via gofundme/etc.; all Q2 2020 earnings donated to BIPOC impacted by the pandemic (80% Black Trans Women); Jaime Harrison for Congress campaign. Physical support/supplies for BLM Portland Maine actions. 5 sponsored tickets available for @audacityfest digital editions. ⁣⁣
𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐭𝐡: I have invested in programs/summits created by 3 Black women.⁣⁣
𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐓𝐫𝐢𝐩 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐝𝐨𝐰𝐧 (𝐀𝐯𝐠. 𝟏𝟕%): ⁣⁣
-2018 Snow Weekend (past org): 3/18 ⁣⁣
-2018 NEWT Acadia NP Camping Trip: 4/12, all had to cancel last minute ⁣⁣
-2019 NEWT Snowventure: 2/19 ⁣⁣
-2019 Colombia group test trip (pre-LLC formation): 2/11 ⁣⁣
-2020 NEWT Snowventure: 2/22⁣⁣⁣

𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐄𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝗪𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐥 (𝐍𝐄𝗪𝐓) 𝐅𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩: ⁣
-Estimated 5-8% Black members⁣
-1/3 founding admin were Black (now 0 due to her moving)⁣⁣
𝐆𝐨𝐚𝐥𝐬 𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝: ⁣
-25% of all contract hires to be Black/Indigenous, 25% POC ⁣
-Represent Black/Indigenous people in 25% of marketing/advertising/press, 25% POC⁣
-Continue to keep NEWT a safe space for BlPOC travelers & bring on another Black admin by 2021 EOY⁣
-When trips launch, include anti-racism clauses in T&C, trip advertising, and discuss its important to our group experiences at our group intro meeting ⁣
-Provide alt-text/captions 100% of the time⁣
-Provide discounted travel consulting for disabled travelers ⁣
-Continue to develop my idea to provide a form of reparations via travel (TBA)⁣
-Create trust in my group experiences for Black travelers through all of the above & continuation of current efforts, increase average of Black trip participants to 20% by 2022 EOY (I’m not sure when trips will launch due to pandemic, so setting a realistic timeframe)


Intrepid Travel

There is no going back. We need to do better.

10 days ago, we posted our support for the Black Lives Matter movement.⠀

But words must be rooted in action. Solidarity must be steeped in the desire to create long-term change.⠀

So we committed to internal dialogue and decided to use our voice to advocate for change. And we want to share some commitments we’ve made before bringing back travel stories and beautiful photos to your feeds.⠀

We need to do better. Here’s how we’re starting to rebuild our business more equitably.

Leaping Hound Travel

Leaping Hound Travel

We recognize the reality, and centrality, of institutionalized racism and white supremacy in the United States (and other parts of the world).

Full statement is located here.

Thank you @theblacktravelalliance for holding the travel industry accountable. To you and anyone else, if you have further ideas for how we can support Black Lives Matter and the Black people in our community, we’re listening.

In answer to the other statistics you are asking for from travel companies, we are a husband and wife team with no other employees, and, as we just launched this year, have done no conferences or advertising campaigns.

As our business grows, we will continue to be transparent about our practices and committed to anti-racism.

Madison Eats Food Tours

Madison Eats Food Tours

It’s JUNETEENTH and FRIYAY. 🍷 And we all know I hire a bookkeeper because I’m not great with numbers but @theblacktravelalliance asked for transparency and stats so before any sip of bubbly, that’s what I’ll share.

We stand in solidarity with Black Travel Alliance who is calling travel brands and destinations to take the support of #BlackOutTuesday beyond social media and work towards meanful representation of Black voices in the travel industry.

Here are our numbers:

Employment- team of 5, 2 POC on the team. 100% female •
Paid marketing – 2019 promo video 40% Black 50% POC

Social media representation:
23% Black 23% POC 55% white

Charitable contributions:
$400 donated in the past year specifically to a local Black owned business and @bwwdayfounder and $370 to @freedominc this week. When tours are profitable again, half of our giving budget will go to local Black organizations.

BLM Statement check in:
Our full statement is on on our website. We made the donation and our collaboration bags with @christineskitchens have included products from at least 2 POC and 1 Black owned business and will continue to.

Our full statement is at

We are holding ourselves accountable to continue to do the work and #pullupfortravel.

Sizije Travel


We stand with @theblacktravelalliance in their goal of fighting for equal opportunities in the travel space and holding the travel industry accountable.

With that being said, we’re here to #pullupfortravel!⁣⁣
We have been pulling up for the past two years by being intentional about our efforts always positively impacting our community and here is how:⁣⁣
•We are strategic about the content we post being representative of black travelers and travelers of color. We feel it is important to continue to reshape the narrative that black people do not travel. ⁣⁣
•We allow black travelers who love traveling and sharing that experience with others to monetize this passion by hosting a trip as a trip ambassador. ⁣⁣
•The Sizije Foundation exists to empower student travelers through global, social and financial resources. Later this month we are launching the #myfirststamp campaign to amplify their voices by giving them a platform to share their travel stories. In doing this, we are hoping to continue to cultivate a community of students of color while also inspiring more of these students to travel.⁣⁣
•We also founded a travel accessories boutique, @traveltiquebysizije , to fund travel opportunities for students of color. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated into our non-profit, @thesizijefoundation . ⁣⁣
We take pride in doing this work and look forward to continuing to make an impact in the black travel community! We also look forward to inspiring other businesses do the same!⁣



Thank you Black Travel Alliance for introducing the #PullUpForTravel campaign, calling on true allies to show up for the #blacklivesmatter movement. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

The campaign was created to start travel companies on a path toward meaningful representations of Black voices within the travel industry. As a small startup (we have 16 employees and counting!) that represent a blend of Hispanic, Latinx, Asian and Caucasian travel loving enthusiasts and are continuing our efforts to diversify our workforce as we grow, which includes hiring Black talent.
We cannot yet provide numbers and percentages of the Black representation in most the categories requested because we do not attend conferences & tradeshows, run paid advertising/marketing campaigns, or pay for press.
Our mission is to enhance lives via meaningful connections, learning, and exploration – FOR ANYBODY and everybody. 🌎
We have begun making active efforts to encourage diversity not only internally with our team at @TrovaTrip, but with our Hosts as well. Recently, we saw @tawnyjanae , @sophie.jaffe , @mikiash , and @eleonorazampatti donate $680 of their livestream proceeds towards the Black Lives Matter movement. We look forward to watching the money we help to raise grow as we continue to grow as a company. 🌟
As a business, we are proud to be an ally to the Black Lives Matter movement, BIPOC communities, LGBTQ communities, and are advocates for self-love in all its forms. Please swipe left to see some of the incredible humans who we are proud to call Hosts and some of the travelers who adventure with us.
Travelers 😍 from @glographics Portugal trip June 2018 🌊
@michaelandmatt husbands and cornerstones in the LGBTQ community 🏳️‍🌈
@quiana_welch bodybuilding badass 💪🏾
@sarahherron ability advocate 💫
@eatthecaketoo body acceptance advocate 💛
@lisahomsy travel blogging inspirationalist 🌎
@eleonorazampatti body movement specialist 🙇‍♀️
Here at Trova, we celebrate diversity and equality. We hold ourselves accountable for fostering a place of inclusion across all communities for time to come. ✊🏾 🏳️‍🌈💛 🌎
Much Love,
The Trova Squad



We support the Black Travel Alliance.

We may be small, but what we lack in numbers, we make up for in passion.
Our team of 3 is:
100% Women
33% POC
0% Black
After our launch last year, we set out to grow our supplier partners with the 2020 goal to launch categories specifically for POC and the LGBQT+ community. We are actively seeking new partners that provide outdoor adventure travel for the Black Community.
We want more diversity. More adventure. More equity. More justice.