Travel Writer

Remote (UK)
We make road trips easy
We are looking for travel writers with access to a car in the UK & France who would like to join our creator’s community as we are currently creating short detour routes off major highways.
How It Works
  • Study our detailed Guidelines and create a test route (no travel required) as this will help you practice for what is required
  • Once the test route is approved you will be offered a freelance contract and added to our Slack Community
  • In our Slack Community, you will be able to communicate with other team members, ask questions and see what detour routes are available in your area
  • Once a route is approved for you to drive you will be expected to submit it for approval within 7 days and only expected to travel up to 150 KM from your home base (longer distances of travel might be required at a later stage in our project)
  • The deadline for all route creation is April 2023 
Test Route
The following are the standard steps we like all new contributors to work through before hitting the road, please use this as a way to practice for what you can expect and we will of course provide the actual routes we need you to drive.
  • Read through all of the Guidelines (these can be provided in French if you prefer) including content guidelines in the Delivery Spreadsheet which is linked in the guidelines doc
  • Select any iconic landmark outside of a large city and find any major highway exit, from which it’s up 30 minutes of driving to the iconic landmark
  • Between these points, draft a detour with at least 5 other waypoints along the way according to the guidelines
  • Use Google Street View to help you plan the waypoints and triggers. No need to go on the road!
  • Fill in the delivery spreadsheet with the content as if you would deliver it after the test drive and send it to me
  • We will check and may ask for comments or edits
  • One round of edits is expected before approval
  • Payment for all route creation is €700 per route which covers all your time, fuel, and any other costs
  • Payment is made via Bank Transfer
  • Once you have signed our Freelance Contract you can invoice at the end of each month for all completed and approved routes
Please let me know if you are interested, or have any questions and I am available for a call if needed.