How To Elevate Your Business With SEO By Tomiko Harvey From Passports and Grubs

Tomiko Harvey, luxury travel expert, and creator of Passports and Grubs shares her tips on how to elevate your business with SEO. She uses these same tips and SEO strategy to grow her own travel website.

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Key Takeaways:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:04 – SEO basics
  • 1:35 – Content ranking
  • 2:21 – 3 Stages of How Search Engines Rank Understanding keywords
  • 6:34 – Using Google Search Console
  • 11:00 – Using to research your keywords; actual demonstration using actual keywords
  • 24:45 – What is Historical Optimization? (Update old post vs writing a new post)
  • 26:44 – SEO Strategy

Q & A

  • 29:43 – Where should the keywords be placed and how many times should they be used in a post?
    • Tomiko shows you behind the scenes of her own website to show you how she does it, with a real example
  • 31:05 – Using Yoast Plugin – Show and Tell; how to set up your post to rank for a keyword
  • 33:42 – Using the Create Plugin to better organize your site
  • 36:38 – What about pictures? How do you optimize these?
  • 39:08 – What about backlinks? What about external links?
  • 40:10 – What is a backlink?
  • 43:14 – What is cornerstone content?
  • 44:44 – Do these SEO concepts apply to social media or is it just to our websites?
  • 46:25 – Are you using affiliate links in your post and how do you tie them in?

The benefits of republishing

  • 47:23 – Can you expound on what publishing as new really mean and should I be changing my URL?
  • 50:08 – Should I delete underperforming posts?

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