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I am a wanna be digital nomad based in Murfreesboro, TN. I fell in love with travel, different cultures and cuisines at the young age of 20 when I began traveling the world. I am a foodie at heart and a lover of adult cocktails whether it’s a cocktail from Mexico or an unknown wine from Italy.

What Inspired You To Help Launch BTA? What Is Your Ultimate Goal For The Organization

I have been in the travel space for 6 years and the lack of diversity in the travel industry is mind blowing. Black buying power was $1.4 trillion in 2019, according to the Selig Center for Economic Growth but brands seem to overlook our spending power and hire the same content creators time and time again for campaigns and especially in the luxury travel space. I want to lend my voice and become a champion of diversity and inclusion in the travel industry. It is time we see authentic and real change in the travel industry and it is time for brands to be held accountable for their lack of diversity.

When I’m Not Fighting For The Cause, Things I Like To Do Are

It’s more along the lines of what don’t I do. I love traveling, cooking, creating cocktails, gardening and learning SEO. I am a wife and a mom of a 14 year old competitive cheerleader who keeps busy. On top of my blog Passports and Grub I have a full time day job in Sales & Marketing so yea I am a busy bee!

My Favorite Food/Drink I’ve Had and In Which Country

The best meal I ever had was in Rome. It was a simple seafood pasta dish at a small restaurant that only had 4 tables and the little old man was both the waiter and the cook! I will never forget the look on his face when I took a bite of the pasta and how his eyes lit up because he could tell I was in heaven. He couldn’t speak English and I couldnt speak Italian but food brought us together.

Currently Reading or Listening To Right Now

I am reading “I am my brand” by Kubi Springer

Three Things You Cannot Live Without:

Cocktails, my mini me, seafood